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    Barb Premium Love Doll

    The worlds most popular doll is now lifesize with all the right parts! And she is all yours to play with whenever and however you want... Thanks to c...
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    Kendall Fantasy Love Doll

    A blonde, a brunette, and a raven-haired beauty walk into a bar... and you get to fuck them all! You dont have to choose with Kendall - she will tran...
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    Kenny Premium Male Love Doll

    Ready to be unboxed and played with! Your favorite male doll is now lifesize with all the right equipment. Kenny is eager to please you with his mout...

    Kyle Fantasy Male Love Doll

    What is your flavor of the week? Whether you want blonde, brown, or black hair - a wrestler, a soccer stud, a pool boy - this guy has no limits. Kyle...

    NextGen Tiffany Ultra Premium Love Doll

    She may look sweet and innocent, but she will do anything you want! Thanks to cutting-edge developments in material and design, you can experience a ...

    Nurse Love Doll

    Have you been experiencing some swelling? This naughty nurse has the perfect treatment plan for your engorged groin! Thanks to cutting-edge developme...

    SWAT Team Thomas Male Love Doll

    Lets just say that Thomas knows his way around a weapon, and is not afraid to use it... This SWAT cop needs to blow off some steam after a stressful ...
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    Transgender Terry Fantasy Doll

    Terry has the face, the body, and the charm to get your dick hard every time you see her... but she also has a secret that will make you even harder ...